Academy of Couture Art Comcast Company Organizational Culture Homework

Academy of Couture Art Comcast Company Organizational Culture Homework

The Company I have to Do is Comcast!

You should have 4 articles cited and a Reference page (APA FORMAT)

4 pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced

I. Organizational Culture 1) Overview of the organization/History 2) Customers/clients/demographics a. Who are their customers? b. Number of employees 3) Locations a. Where are they located, which states? Headquarters? b. Are they global? If so, what countries? 4) What is the company’s mission and values? 5) SWOT analysis (use template provided)

2) The future of the organization (short vs long term goals) 3) Why was this company selected as one of The Best Employers for Diversity 2019? 4) An inappropriate element of the company, something that doesn’t match its culture. I.e. A negative article in the news, the company doing something opposite its values or character. For example, the company says that they believe in diversity; however; there is a story in the news where they discriminated against a protected class. 5) Select one of the organizations rules or policies that would be important to you if you were considering employment. Why is this policy important to you?

Guidelines for Written Paper: narrative, must have headers, section titles and proper paragraph formation. Include all sections.