Brookdale Community College Ethical Issues Paper

Brookdale Community College Ethical Issues Paper

Suppose that according to Jim, it is ethical to eat meat, while according to his friend Kim, it is not ethical to eat meat. Can both Jim and Kim be correct? Explain your answer.

If your answer is NO, explain how one could establish which answer is correct. Or argue that neither friend is correct.

If your answer is YES, read the following “Implications of YES” and give a serious answer to them.

In either case, we are not asking you to say whether you think it’s ethical to eat meat. We are asking you whether two people who disagree on the issue can both be right. Please stay on topic.

Implications of YES:

Your position should be applicable to all ethical issues. It should apply equally well to “It’s unethical to torture children”, or “Slavery is wrong.” Do you really hold that both sides of these issues are right?

Also, keep in mind that a given statement must be either true or false, but not both. (For a statement to be true AND false would be a contradiction, which is not logically acceptable.) By the same token, a statement cannot be true for one person and false for another. If a statement is false, then anyone’s belief or opinion supporting it is false and cannot be true. Therefore, do not answer this DQ by saying that moral views are “only opinions” or “only beliefs”. (Regarding all this, see Lesson 1, “Statements and Conditionals”. Your DQ1 response should indicate comprehension of it.)To participate in this discussion board, you must respond with a substantial paragraph (at least 5 sentences) to the discussion question by Friday and then you must respond with a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) to one of your fellow students’ responses by Monday.

When you respond to a fellow student’s response, you need to dispute some point that another student made, and to give reasons for your response. Don’t just say something like “I disagree with his or her response.” Be respectful: the goal is to have an enlightening debate

The other students post is in the file to respond to