BUS 372 GCU Topic 1 DQ 1 Latest

BUS 372 GCU Topic 1 DQ 1 Latest

Navigating Faith and Work: Event planning is often hard work. At times things go wrong in event execution, despite meticulous planning. This can sometimes result in criticism or people suggesting a “better way” of doing things. Consider 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God,” and Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as to the Lord and not for men.” The Topic Material for the week emphasizes the importance of determining the objectives of the event. As you think about objectives for the event that you are planning to execute, how can you apply the message of the two verses above into your planning process, particularly as you select the primary and secondary objectives for your event? What do these verses imply about the attitude and work ethic you should adopt as an event planner?

BUS 372 GCU Topic 1 DQ 2 Latest

Volunteering, attending sporting events and obtaining internships will help you network with industry professionals, build job-related skills, and guide you toward potential job opportunities. What specific ideas do you have for how you will do these things throughout this course? Provide at least three concrete examples.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 2 DQ 1 Latest

Create a list that outlines at least five of the expenses and 3-5 forms of revenue you anticipate for the event you are planning. Be sure to include a brief summary of the event followed by the list of specific expenses and revenue forms. Research each expense and revenue form and estimated the dollars you will spend on expenses along with the amount of revenue you predict you can generate for each form of revenue. Review your classmates’ lists and comment on additions they could make based on items they may have overlooked or not considered. Share findings from your research that may be helpful to others.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 2 DQ 2 Latest

Navigating Faith and Work: As an event planner, you are trusted to be the steward of another’s resources. It is the responsibility of the event planner to be financially responsible and utilize every dollar with the utmost care. Matthew 25:46 reminds us that the faithful and wise servant is placed in responsibility over the house. Using these ideas and principles along with the Topic Materials, identify and describe key cost control measures that sports event managers can practice. Provide two concrete examples that you intend to implement as you plan your event.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 3 DQ 1 Latest

Research methods of using digital media and technology to generate revenue and participation in the event you are planning and as a method of involving the community and securing and motivating volunteers. Some sites to visit as you learn about how to generate revenue and participation could include Go Fund Me or Facebook. As you look at sites related to community involvement and securing volunteers, consider Volunteer Match, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Using what you learn, select at least two specific social media techniques that could be applied to the event you are planning. Explain how you could utilize these tools to generate revenue and participation, encourage community involvement, and secure volunteers by posting sample posts, blog entries, video clips, etc. in the Main Forum for your peers to review. Provide your classmates with feedback related to the effectiveness of their fictional social media content and offer suggestions about additional ways to utilize social media in their events.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 3 DQ 2 Latest

Navigating Faith and Work: 1 Peter 4:9 says, “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.” One important way to maximize event revenue is to follow the key principle of treating everyone at the event with an attitude of hospitality. As you think about the event you are planning, brainstorm ways to make it accessible to everyone in the community, regardless of their financial status. Share three specific examples of how you can show hospitality to all who want to be involved in the event while still maximizing revenue and ensuring a positive experience for all event participants.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 4 DQ 1 Latest

Sponsorship can take many different forms besides cash donations. What is “sponsorship in kind”? List three examples of this type of sponsorship that you could pursue as a means of enhancing or effectively executing your event.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 4 DQ 2 Latest

Using the Sports Business Journal or another industry resource, find a relevant article that discusses how a specific controversy or event negatively affected a sponsorship deal. Summarize the article and include a link to it. Explain whether you agree with the sponsor’s decision and justify you stance on the issue.