Classification of Drugs

Classification of Drugs

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Case Examples

Casey is a 48-year-old male who visits his primary care physician. He complains of insomnia, anxiety, frequent acid indigestion, and fatigue. On his blood panel, he shows some impairment in his liver functioning. He is borderline diabetic and has hypertension.

Matilda is a 33-year-old female who comes in to an emergency room complaining of severe lower back pain. An x-ray is negative. She is restless and agitated, has a runny nose, and complains of an upset stomach. Her vital signs are normal.

Chris and his wife are seeing you for marriage and family therapy. Chris works in the financial industry in a high-paced, stressful environment. His wife says Chris hardly sleeps and does not eat regularly. His moods are erratic. The couple has some financial problems, which Chris attributes to bad investments. The couple was court-ordered to counseling following a domestic violence incident.