Clinton and Ohlschlager (2002)

Clinton and Ohlschlager (2002)

Clinton and Ohlschlager (2002) emphasize the importance of a counselor’s theology and its effect on the counseling process. Clinton and Ohlschlager also note that our theology informs and shapes our worldview, which ultimately shapes our counseling practice. One of the central issues in the Christian culture today is discerning the will of God.

Read the article in this module/week by Horton (2009), “Discerning Spiritual Discernment,” and review Case Study 1. Provide a brief summary for each approach of discerning the will of God (bull’s eye, wisdom, and relationship-formation).

Then, discuss the following questions:

Which approach does Thomas follow in discerning the will of God for his life?
How would you approach this situation?
Discuss your personal approach using Scripture and class materials and how you think that will affect your decision-making process.
How would you talk with someone who holds to another approach?
Thomas is a 20 year old college student who is currently a pre-med major. Thomas explains to you that he has been enjoying his major and is getting good grades. Also, his father and grandfather were both doctors, so he is proud to continue on that legacy. However, Thomas has a roommate who is a Biblical Studies major, and he finds himself more interested in his roommate’s work than his own. Additionally, Thomas is very gifted in leadership and teaching and has found himself praying about becoming a pastor. When you ask Thomas how he has been praying about it, he says he has been praying that God would make it clear that He should be a pastor and that all of the doors should open for him in that endeavor if that is God’s will for his life.