CSUN Business Ethics Ethical and Unethical Investing Questions

CSUN Business Ethics Ethical and Unethical Investing Questions

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1.) After having watched the video ad having done the Sen reading, what are your thoughts on what it means to be ethical in business? Can one be ethical and still make good money? Or is it max profit minimal legal involvement? Explain.

2.) In the brief video, positive and negative screening are mentioned. What do these refer to?

3.) Why should you concern yourself with being ethical?

4.) Sen makes the distinction between a private good and a public good. What is this distinction and why is it important for business ethics in Sen’s opinion? How could we build a public good standpoint into business in general?

5.) Sen gives Japan as an example and makes reference to a puzzling claim—that Japan is the only communist country that works. What could this mean because Japan has a capitalist market?

6.) In Japan, employment is often seen as “from cradle to crave” rather than here where it is seen as “at will”. Which style do you favor and why?

7.) What are the practical problems that Sen identifies as being faced by today’s business world?

8.) Sen says that mutual confidence and trust in rules of behavior is typically implicit? What role do you all think trust has in business? What creates trust and what ruins trust?

9.) In your opinion, what is the difference between ethical investing vs. unethical investing?

10.) In your opinion, what is the main point/value of these readings?