Eastern Kentucky University Drug Abuse Research Paper

Eastern Kentucky University Drug Abuse Research Paper

Background Information: This course is a tagged course in the general education curriculum for the Complex Systems Affecting Individuals in Society tag. If you are unfamiliar with the general education requirements, they can be found here:https://www.uakron.edu/general-education/. These courses are evaluated at the university level on a rotating basis to assess student learning and if courses are meeting the goals of general education.

Complex Systems courses are intended to address general education Learning Outcome 4: Responsible Citizenship in an Interconnected World

“Students will demonstrate foundational competency in knowledge and skills that promote personal, social, and environmental responsibility. This foundational competency shall include knowledge of diversity, systemic relationships, and collateral effects and consequences within and across systems.

Learning Outcome 4c: Complex Systems Affecting Individuals in Society. Students apply an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of a particular social issue (e.g., climate change, relation of personal and societal health, alternative energy strategies, health disparity and healthcare reform, globalization, international tradeliberalization, conflict/war, poverty, wealth and economic disparities)” (Taken frominformation sheet concerning tagged courses).

All Complex Systems courses must address the following learning outcomes with an“artifact” (assignment) that will be used to evaluate student learning. The social problem or issue can be large scale or very specific and each of these elements are required. The artifact does not need to be the final paper in your course and it should be completed later in the semester once students are well establish with the course material/content.

Learning Outcome 1: The answer/essay clearly articulates a societal issue.Learning Outcome 2: The answer/essay discusses multiple systemic contributors

(e.g., organizational, governmental)

Learning Outcome 3: The answer/essay applies multiple, disparate disciplinary perspectives to the society issue (e.g., social, historical, economic, scientific, technological)

Learning Outcome 4: The answer/essay evaluates the costs and benefits of a solution.



1. Begin your essay with the following statement: “_______ is a social problem.” Based oninformation taken from class material, explain what makes this a social or societal issue/problem, rather than just an individual one.

2. Now that you have explained the social problem, discuss 3 contributing factors to the creation and/or continuation of the problem you have identified. Based on what we have covered in class, this might include economic factors, political factors, legal/governmental factors, demographic factors (e.g., gender, race, age), technological or physical factors. In your answer, be sure draw on (i.e., cite) class materials to demonstrate how each of your 3 chosen factors are related to this social problem.

3. Finally, your essay should conclude with a discussion of how this social problem might be reduced or addressed more effectively. In your answer, please includes an assessment of the costs (pros) and benefits (cons) of your proposed solution.

Sources for this writing assignment: You may use class notes, your textbook, or outside material. Make sure to cite your information (even if you are using class notes). You must include a citation page.