EBP Project – Finding The Evidence

EBP Project – Finding The Evidence

This paper is only 8 paragraphs. Since each paragraph is only 3-4 well written sentences long, this is do-able. EACH paragraph description in the rubric states what is expected. FOLLOW THE RUBRIC. Want to do your best? Follow these tips:

Answer the topic in the first sentence of each paragraph, then add 3-4 sentences to support your response. Read each rubric section to be sure you have correct content for each paragraph.

Paragraph 1: Paragraph one facts are NOT from your main article. Include a source related to your topic to cite the facts in your introductory paragraph showing why your research question is relevant (this paragraph is where you include your PICO question).

Paragraph 2: Introduce the main article and give facts as described on the rubric.

Paragraph 3: Define reliability and be sure to include what type of reliability was used (see your text). If not addressed, critique this and add what type would be appropriate.

Paragraph 4: Define validity and be sure to include what type of validity was used (see your text). If not addressed, critique this and add what type would be appropriate.

Paragraph 5: Identify two strengths and/or weaknesses of the main article. DO NOT REPEAT discussion of reliability and validity. Strengths and weaknesses cannot be quoted from the authors—they need to be your analysis.

Paragraph 6: See rubric to give facts from a Clinical Practice Guideline source. Research to learn what Clinical Practice Guidelines entail. Be sure to include the web site used.

Paragraph 7: See rubric to introduce facts from a fourth source. This can be a how-to article or any related source, as long as it is current.

Paragraph 8: Conclusion. Repeat the PICO question and answer it based on your research. Cite sources. Many students forget to do this. See the rubric and don’t lose points.

5. APA:
Make sure you use correct in-text citations for all paraphrasing and page numbers for direct quotes. However, direct quotes are discouraged for this paper and limited to two, if necessary. 1 point off for each direct quote over two.

DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON! “I think” “we believe”, etc. are not allowed in scholarly writing.

6. Double space, and double space ONLY, the entire paper–title page, headings, paragraphs, references, etc. APA does not vary. Pay attention to APA—it is worth up to 15 points on this assignment. more tips below.

7. Read the rubric. I am looking for no more and no less than stated. You will not receive more points for having five facts about your article than if you put the required three. Information must be in the correct paragraph. If your statistics are not in paragraph one, you will not receive credit for facts listed in paragraph one

Upload your PICO(T ) question draft to the student discussion board for peer revi