Ethics And Morality In Criminal Justice

Ethics And Morality In Criminal Justice

Please watch this short video Sheriff defends deputy’s taser take down before participating in this discussion.

Was the use of force and the use of the Taser justified in this case? What are the advantages of a taser over other use of force options? Does the public have the right to expect “safe” measures when resisting arrest? What are legitimate expectations in this regard?

Due 03/13/2017

“Your first big case is a multiple murder. As the defense attorney, you have come to the realization that your client really did break into a couple’s home and torture and kill them in the course of robbing them of jewelry and other valuables. He has even confessed to you that he did it. However, you are also aware that the police did not read him his Miranda warning and that he was coerced into giving a confession without your presence. What should you do? Would your answer be different if you believed that he was innocent or didn’t know for sure either way? Discuss your position.