George Mason University Being an Arabian Female Muslim Discussion

George Mason University Being an Arabian Female Muslim Discussion

Response papers should be roughly 1000 words in length, typed (double spaced), and should explicitly address the given theme, utilizing the readings and discussions from the course. The response papers give you an opportunity to reflect on the readings and the various topics of discussion, and to clarify your own thinking on the issues of race and ethnicity, as well as to provide me with feedback on the effectiveness of some of our course materials at helping to understand and digest these complicated ideas.


Ethnicity- Take a moment to think about the differences and similarities between race and ethnicity article. In particular, consider the cultural dimensions of ethnicity, and the ways that ethnicity can be associated with benign difference. We will try something different for this response paper and draw on the inspiration offered by the Zora Neale Hurston article or Mary Waters article. For this response paper, I would like for you to discuss your personal experience with ethnicity. Think about or if necessary research, your own ethnic background(s). Discuss your connection to the various cultural elements (language, foods, belief systems) of your ethnic heritage. Talk about the relationship your ethnic community has had (if any) with harmful difference.

pls do not write your own personal things, write it as a muslim, and Arab female, speaker two languages and lives in the US , specifically my ethnic background is middle eastern person