Grantham University Iliad or The Odyssey Humanities Discussion

Grantham University Iliad or The Odyssey Humanities Discussion


Please pick one of the following question(s) to answer. Your response should be 1-2 full paragraphs. All citations should be done in MLA format and your answers should include a brief works cited section at the end of the post.

Option 1: Looking at the societies and groups discussed in chapter 1, how did prehistoric people define themselves through their own culture? In what ways did human culture change or evolve into the Neolithic era? Why is “culture” considered a defining trait of human beings? Cite an example from the course materials.

Option 2: Considering the cultural advances of humans and other early hominids dating back to pre-history, would you consider creativity to be something that is an inherent trait or is it learned? Why/Why not? Is here a difference between creativity in the arts and creativity in other domains, like STEM? And, Have we [in 2016] hit our capacity for creative endeavors in the arts? [i.e. have we run out of ideas?] Why/Why not? Cite an example from the course materials.

Option 3: How do stories like The Iliad or The Odyssey maintain any kind of relevance or significance in contemporary times? Consider the following in your response:

a. How have the audiences changed since antiquity?

b. In what way have the messages or impact of these epic poems changed over time?

c. Can these stories be effectively re-worked to maintain relevance? (Or are they fine in their original state?) Provide an example of a modern way in which The Iliad or The Odyssey have been successfully or unsuccessfully transformed to better fit our contemporary society.

d. Does the existence of Homer matter? Why or Why not? Consider how his existence might impact Greek histories, mythologies, and our contemporary view on these issues.

Cite an example from the course materials.

Just a few tips:

There is no need to restate the question in your answer
Remember you are graded on mechanics–so spelling and grammar count
To post your response just hit the reply button
It’s usually easiest to type your response in MS Word and then just copy and paste to the forum


Please pick one of the following question(s) to answer. 1 to 2 full paragraphs and citations

Option 1: How were Germanic Tribes influential to the western world during the middle ages? [what did they do, who did the influence? Consider artistic, social, cultural, and political influences] Cite an example from the text book. Do you consider Germanic Tribes be the most important and influential factor to the development and future course of western history? [Support your response with evidence] Do we have remnants of their culture in our own culture today? [if so, what? And if not, why not?]

Option 2: Read “Aquinas: Whether Woman Should Have Been Made in the First Production of Things” (p.152) and answer the following: Based on this passage, why might women have been excluded from the medieval university? Considering what you have read about the development of higher education during the middle ages (and considering what you know about the middle ages in general) Do you believe students of the medieval university would receive a better education than students at university today? Why/Why not? How do you define “better”? And in what ways can the modern university learn from the historical university?

Option 3: The medieval ages and the word “medieval” have gained a very negative reputation throughout historical and mainstream communities. Do you agree with this connotation? Why/Why not? What historical events, ideologies, people, etc… have contributed towards this negative view of “medieval”? Use evidence and support from the text to support your response.