Grantham University Internet Policy Proposal Presentation

Grantham University Internet Policy Proposal Presentation

This week we will be utilizing technology in more depth to complete our assignment. You are being asked to create a PowerPoint presentation which will either propose a CHANGE an Internet policy, OR propose a NEW Internet policy. The purpose of changing or creating a new policy should ensure society’s right to privacy and safety are protected through our internet utilization.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be no less than 8 slides.

All resources utilized to complete the presentation should be listed on a references page on the final slide, in addition to providing proper in-text citations within individual slides.

To begin:

Determine an internet privacy/safety policy, law, or rule you would like to change or create.

This can be a policy which impacts society overall (i.e. Internet Privacy Bill, Net Neutrality Rules, Social Media rules, etc.), or a policy specific to your own work environment.

Hint – our textbook provides some great starting guidelines.

You will more than likely need to do a bit of research to fully understand the policy you’dlike to change or create.

Questions/Information to address within your presentation:

Explain a brief introduction of the policy you are proposing to change or create (this may take 2-3 slides depending on the policy).

Share the reasoning for WHY you want to change or create this policy (should be at least one slide).

Clarify who will benefit from the changes or creation of this policy (should be at least one slide).

Consider who may challenge this proposed policy change or new policy, and share what components he/she/they may object to.

Provide key ideas or points on how you would overcome those challenges (may take 2-4 slides to fully address both variables for criteria #4 and #5).

Conclude with 1-2 slides summarizing why you feel this proposed change or new policy should be implemented, and what first step should take place to begin this process.

Don’t forget a final slide as the References Page listing any outside resources used.