Grantham University Statistical Methods in Quality Control Discussion

Grantham University Statistical Methods in Quality Control Discussion

Part 1

You have been conducting a course for employees on the uses of statistical methods in quality control. Your participants appear to be listless and detached, giving little energy to the topic. They seem to have no ideas about how to apply statistics to the work of their department. You have tried several times to get an appointment with the department manager, to get her input on the situation, but she has put you off and appears to be avoiding you.

Why do you think the participants and manager are behaving as they are?
What can you do about it?
Part 2

You are as pleased as you can be with the course you are teaching on quality control methods. Your participants are energized by the ideas that they have encountered in the course and are brainstorming some great and practical applications to take back to the department and try out.

What can you do to help ensure that maximum transfer of learning takes place?
How might you involve the supervisors in the department?
What do you think their role should be in evaluation?
What theories or examples from literature are relevant here?