Houston Community Chapter 7 Robert Merton Goal Attainment Theory Essay

Houston Community Chapter 7 Robert Merton Goal Attainment Theory Essay

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Robert Merton’s Goal Attainment Theory
Within Chapter 7 there is a section discussing Robert Merton’s Strain Theory of Deviance. This theory basically argues that when individuals feel pressure and/or strain to attain certain cultural goals they may resort to different forms of deviance to alleviate the pressure and achieve specific social goals.

Utilizing Merton’s theory identify you will need to identify an individual or social group that is well known in the public sphere. You will be utilizing one of his subcategories of deviant behavior (innovator, ritualist, rebel, or retreatist). You will need to explain and specify which category this individual best fits into and why using their own behavior and track record as your examples. For example, you may choose a professional athlete (Lebron James), artist(?) (Justin Bieber), or social group such as the Amish. Please be specific with the examples and how they fit into the category.

600-650 words minimum length. No maximum.

References and citations required

Please state which category and individual you have chosen at the top of your submission

Please include the word count at the bottom of the page