human behavior in social environment

human behavior in social environment

Required Texts

Rogers, A. T. (2013). Human behavior in the social environment. (3rd ed.) New York: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. ISBN: 978-0-415-50482-9

Students will also be required to access and utilize the Interactive Case Studies on the companion site to the Rogers (2013) text at

please chose (Emilia Sanchez and Gloria Sanchez)

Case Analysis Paper: In this paper you will discuss/analyze/assess the development of two members

from the Sanchez family (not Joey and Vicky) through a specific “lens” discussed in class. These lenses

are ways we assess a person based on different environments and/or dimensions. This includes:

• Person in the Social Environment

• Biopsychosocial Dimension

• Sociocultural Dimension

• Social Change Dimension

Then use the discussions/case analysis in your asynchronous work in all previous weeks to help you think

critically about a theory or perspectives found in those lenses to apply to the case. Examples include to

choose from:

• Person-in-environment perspective

o Systems Theory

o Ecological Theory

o Strengths Perspective

• Biopsychosocial

o Medical Model

o Cognitive Development

o Psychosexual Development

o Psychosocial Development

o Learning Theories