Idaho State Marx Theory on the High Unemployment Rates in Southeast Idaho HW

Idaho State Marx Theory on the High Unemployment Rates in Southeast Idaho


The paper will be a critical analysis and application of one of the classical theorists. You will apply the perspective and concepts of ONE of the “fab four” – Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Simmel to a regional phenomenon or problem. Pick a current phenomenon or problem here in the community or region and describe and analyze the problem using their point of view. You will need to apply the overall perspective, the terminology and the concepts of the chosen theorist to the issue you picked.

In your paper you need to include:

1. A brief description of the person and their contribution to social theory (this does not equal a list of publications!).

2. A brief description of a local or regional social phenomenon or problem.

3. An explanation of the phenomenon or problem using the theorists’ terminology and concepts. What is happening and why? What are the causes and consequences of the observed phenomenon? (THIS IS THE WHERE YOU EARN THE BULK OF YOUR POINTS!)

4. ….and how the theorist would suggest to remedy the problem or phenomenon.

5. A critical reflection on where the theorist would fall short in explaining the phenomenon, e.g. where the theorist might be out-of-date, which new developments he did not account for, etc.

Examples of applying the theorists to a contemporary phenomenon or problem would be: how would Durkheim’s theory of suicide applied to the known high rates of suicide in Idaho, what would Marx say about fights over irrigation rights, what would Durkheim say about bullying in schools, what would Marx have to say about the high rate of domestic violence or the high unemployment rates in Southeast Idaho, what would Simmel say about the music scene or poetry scene in Pocatello, how would Weber judge the influence of Native American religion on the economic situation in Fort Hall, how would Weber analyze the role of the major in Pocatello?

I will post a list of additional current phenomena online.


The paper should be at most 6 pages long (I will not accept any paper longer than 6 pages – that excludes references!). The paper will count 40 points towards your final grade and will be graded according to the evaluation criteria listed below.

All papers have to be type-written, spell-checked, and proofread. The fond should be 12, line-spacing 1.5. You are expected to use an appropriate format for citations and references


Evaluation Criteria

The total possible score for the paper is 40 points.

  • Completion of task according to the outline above. (10 points)
  • Knowledgeable use of concepts and information covered in class (10 points)
  • Concise and clear argumentation (10 points).
  • Format: Name and title on front page, spelling, grammar, proofreading, correct format of citations and references. (10 points)

An additional grading rubric that gives you more detailed information about receiving good grades on papers in general is posted on Moodle.