IT301 Purdue Global University Week 6 Project Risks Excel

IT301 Purdue Global University Week 6 Project Risks Excel

Unit Outcomes:

Identify project risks.
Analyze risks through qualitative methods.
Course Outcome:

IT301-3: Create project artifacts to plan and manage project risk and resources.


A risk register is a tool that project managers use at the start of a project as well as to manage the project once execution starts. The risk register provides the project manager a single view of all of the project risk with quantification and risk responses.

Assignment Instructions

Identify ten risks for your project and ensure there is at least two risks in the categories of scope, time, cost, and quality. For each risk, rate probability and impact to produce a score for each using the risk register template. Using the scale of 1-10 for impact and a probability in the range of 1%-99% multiply both of these components to establish a risk score. Complete the risk register template located in the attachments by identifying risk owners, triggers, and a risk response of mitigate, accept, transfer, or avoid.

Assignment Requirements

Complete the risk register template for ten risks, and ensure each cell is completed with the required content.

Fam I included the last few weeks of assignments to give you the full scope incase you needed it to fill out the Risk scope. Everything labeled Unit 6 or Risk or Week 6 is what I need back. lmk if you need anything