LG312 Park University Transportation and Distribution Systems Discussion

LG312 Park University Transportation and Distribution Systems Discussion

I need the answers to the following questions in an essay format. My professor wants us to treat it like a mini term paper.

Chapter 9

1. Define the concepts of outsourcing and third-party logistics. What role does transportation play in 3PL?

2. What are the basic types of 3PL firms? How do they facilitate the planning and execution of freight transportation?

4. Discuss the four primary type of transportation services offered by 3PL service providers.

9. If you were given the task of outsourcing your company’s transportation operations, what type of capabilities and core competencies would you seek in a 3PL service provider?

10. After implementing a 3PL relationship, how should transportation managers promote continuous improvement of performance and achieve supply chain value?

Chapter 10

1. Describe the concepts of disruptions and risks as they apply to transportation. Why are they important from financial and service standpoints?

4. Six different categories of transportation risk were discussed in the chapter. Identify these categories, describe them, and give transportation examples for each risk categories.

5. How can transportation professionals identify the specific risks facing their companies? Briefly describe these methods.

6. Risk analysis is a critical component of risk management. When conducting this activity what are the two components of risk that must be analyzed? Why are they important?

10. What is the role of insurance in transportation risk management?