Life Coaching – Leadership Case Study

Life Coaching – Leadership Case Study

Jack and Susan are a young couple who have come to you for help. Five years ago, they opened a Greek restaurant with Jack’s Grandmother (and all her Greek recipes). Their restaurant has now become one of the most popular spots in town. This past year they had their first child, and this has made it difficult to keep up with everything at the restaurant. They share a love of cooking, but the demands of keeping up a successful business and family are becoming overwhelming. Jack’s grandmother is unable to keep up with the busy pace at work and seems more interested in spending time with her great-grandbaby.
How would you apply the principles outlined in Modules/Weeks 1–7 to help Jack and Susan with their business?

The chapters used are 1-14 in each book.

The Case Study must include 3–4 pages of content and follow current APA format.

A turnitin report is required for this.

Please see attached file for example.

Required References (See Below)

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