Logic of Misogyny

Logic of Misogyny

In modern society we live in today, misogyny is still evident as it was in the ancient days. From Manne’s book Down Girl, she has tried to create the image of how women are viewed by society at large (Manne, 2017). From her book, she has decided to address how this natural hatred of women should be treated very seriously, and she has cited how women have been taken for granted in the male-dominated society. The instinctive hatred of women in society is propelled by some natural factors that people feel they are shared between men and women.

The best approach for misogyny is by the doctrine of feminism. For the issue of misogyny to be eliminated in the society, people should start to appreciate the contribution of women in the development of the society, and they begin to advocate for equal opportunities between men and women. The society should also stop assuming that one gender should be subjected to them without questioning. The society should also eliminate the notion that certain positions in the political field in the community are best served by men and this will be the first stage towards the elimination of misogyny in the society.

Advocating for equality between men and women will clear the perspective that women owes men in society. This will, therefore, reduce instances where men feel that they should punish women for a certain wrong she has committed towards a man. This is not the case; anyway, men still boast of superiority, and they frequently punish women when they deviate from man’s wish. This has been evidenced by an event that happened in the recent past. Twenty people were shot down by a young man in California, and the killer declared that his move was to punish women. He said that women had rejected him which was against what is expected of women towards men.

Feminism should also be advocated in matters regarding people’s sexual lives. The society should stop thinking of women and seeing them as sexual objects (Ringrose, 2018). The society has for a long time been thinking of it that a woman should be there to satisfy man’s sexual desires and society has neglected the fact that women have their sexual interest too. Instead of seeing a woman be there to provide morals like sex to men in society, they should understand both women and men have equal responsibilities in satisfying the desire of each other. This will make women feel valued, and the feeling of being used as tools will cease to exist. Their incorporation as critical components instead of tools in man’s sexual life will eliminate the misogyny on sex in society.