Lynn University Florida Fixed Based Operator Discussion

Lynn University Florida Fixed Based Operator Discussion

Term paper will be on a fixed based operator (FBO) – Choose either Signature Flight Support or MillionAir. The paper will represent scholarly work that results from synthesizing ideas and facts from several sources and articulating your own conclusions. Think of this like an in-depth preparation for a job interview – you want to know as much as you can about the company.

Please approach it in the following format:

  • Abstract – 1 page
  • Background/History/Company Description – 2 pages, include previous revenues, owners, franchise (if applicable) and the like
  • Competitive Advantage/Critical Success Factors – 3 or more pages, include services offered, core competencies, along with the fluctuations in sales/market share over the years. Justify whether the selected FBO shows evidence of competitive advantage/critical success factors
  • SWOT Analysis – 1/2 pages, explain what it is followed by a SWOT analysis of the company
  • Importance of the selected FBO in the FBO industry, airline industry and the economy – 2 pages
  • Competition – 3 or more pages, focus on competitors and how FBO’s compete – Porter’s Five Forces Analysis is recommended here. Also discuss the type of market structure it operates in and the strategies adopted by the selected FBO to stay competitive.
  • Impact of Deregulation on the selected FBO – 2/3 pages, discuss how that has benefitted the company and FBO’s in general. Also discuss potential drawbacks of deregulation
  • Issues – 3/4 pages, discuss any legal, non-legal issues that the selected FBO has recently faced. This will cover the scope of the issue, the impact it had on the FBO and its customers, along with the impact on the FBO industry
  • Solutions – 1/2 pages, any corrective steps taken by management, government, pressure groups and the like to offset the issue, i.e. perhaps potential changes in the management were seen? maybe new practices were adopted?
  • Financial History and Potential Projections – 2 pages
  • Conclusion – 2/3 pages, use the information in the paper to conclude how effective the selected FBO is in staying competitive/avoiding potential issues, and what the future looks like for the company in the FBO and airline industry


  • No plagiarism is a requirement
  • At least 12 references, out of which at least 3 should be scholarly references
  • 17 pages minimum for the body
  • Latest APA style
  • Focus on in-text citations