MGMT2384 Southern Methodist Chapter 15 Organizational Behavior Homework

MGMT2384 Southern Methodist Chapter 15 Organizational Behavior Homework

Individual Critical Essay Guidelines

– Max. 750 words (approximately 1.5 pages dbl spaced)

– Font: (12) Times New Roman

– Use APA format

– Include page numbers

– Title page; includes your name, student number, date, course #, and section

– Reference page; must include a minimum of 5 references, from peer-reviewed journals.

– Worth 10% of your final grade

Please see referencing guidelines (APA format) file uploaded onto brigthspace.

Topic: I will randomly assign each person a model, theory, or concept discussed in one of the chapters we cover throughout the course. You will study it and criticize it. First, you need to read the research / study and understand it very well. Secondly, you need to think about weaknesses of the study. Think about reasons why it may not be applicable in the ‘real world’, or reasons why it is outdated. You must find relevant references that support your criticisms. Because this is a short essay, aim to have 3 points that you critique & discuss.

Example pg. 16 Exhibit 1.3 Summary of managerial activities

Luthanks, F., Hodgetts, R.M., & Rosenkrantz, S.A. (1988). Real managers. Cambridge, MA: Ballinger.

What’s something you could critique about this study?

*You must print-out and submit your essay at the beginning of class on (due date). Any submissions received after this will receive a penalty of 25% per day

I need to write about the chapter 1 , I will put the slide below.

This is the reference data provided by the professor:Chapter