MGMT3300 Dixie State University Recommendations for HR Challenges Discussion

MGMT3300 Dixie State University Recommendations for HR Challenges Discussion

This is MGMT-3300 (Human Resource Management) class.

Go back to your HR interview from the beginning of the semester. With a high performance organization in mind, identify two over-riding challenges on which the organization and manager interviewed should work. Often the original five challenges are symptoms that can be revised to two main, over-riding challenges or issues. Again these challenges should not be administrative in nature, but challenges in getting people to high performance levels.

1. Briefly summarize the company, HR situation and list the five original challenges. Do not over elaborate on the original five challenges, simply list them. (5 pts)

2. Identify the two over-riding challenges. The two over-riding challenges are not typically two of the original five challenges. They should be big picture high performance challenges or issues that you recognize now after taking this class, such as purpose, commitment, trust, accountability, attention to results, professionalism, teamwork, empowerment, challenging work, motivation, engagement, management/employee relationships, or a culture of learning and continuous improvement. There are other challenges you may identify that are not listed here, just make sure they are over-riding challenges with employees that are not administrative issues and not merely symptoms. (5 pts)

3. Provide 3 recommended solutions for each of the two challenges (6 recommendations total). Think of the characteristics of high performance teams. What are best practices? What is missing? Go deeper with underlying issues and recommendations. Do some research on the topics, refer to class discussions and textbook insight. For solutions, tap into best practices for high performance organizations? (6 X 5 pts = 30 pts)

4. Include proper APA references from at least three best practice sources per challenge, other than the textbook (6 references total). (5 pts)

5. At least 1500 words (Introduction plus at least 600 words per challenge recommendations). There should be no typos, grammar mistakes or unclear writing (Quality of Writing = 5 pts)

6. Post by 11/25. If there is a problem, ask for permission, in writing, for an extension until 12/2. No late assignments accepted after 12/2.