Oaken Philosophy Intellectual Property Laws & Ethical Considerations HW

Oaken Philosophy Intellectual Property Laws & Ethical Considerations

This is a philosophy class I’m writing this paper on

Paper 2 is to be devoted to the analysis of an issue related to technology and law that has been discussed in class. The two issues we will be analyzing from the Quinn textbook are the ways in which intellectual property law has changed and the challenges to privacy both in commercial and in security contexts. The project of this paper, which is also to be about 3 pages long, is to expose the way in which some change in technology or the law presents new challenges for philosophical analysis. Select either intellectual property or privacy to focus on, and take up a before-and-after case, such as one we will have examined together in class. Here there is less emphasis on articulating a philosophical theory and greater emphasis on your own thinking with respect to the case you choose for your analysis.

Then you will also have to argue in the paper why one of theories won’t work like the Immanuel kant theory or relativism or subjectivism, you just have to pick one of the three and eloborate

The topic you can write about can be data mining, I will attach the article on it.

I will attach the what the Immanuel Kant theory is

I will attach the rubric as well

Please I need a good grade on this assignment.