PHIL2030 Southwest Tennessee Values in Modern World Facebook and Philosophy Paper

PHIL2030 Southwest Tennessee Values in Modern World Facebook and Philosophy Paper

This paper will be considered my rewrite of this assignment due to my last tutor not answering the requirements. I have the old paper that was graded along with my professor’s comments of to why I made that grade in that category to get a “F” as my composite grade.

We read the book “Facebook and Philosophy: What’s on Your Mind?” which is what the professor wants me to refer to as one of my sources.

I also attached the grading rubric, the sources that need to be used and cited (Bibliography Primary Sources), the old paper, and the professors comments.

He would like parenthetical references through the paper: “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Bloor, 153)”

A work cited page is needed.

My professor is very meticulous about grading this paper since he says it is a philosophy paper.

Compose an essay of five to eight double-spaced pages in 12-point fixed-width font (or 1250-2000 words, if using proportionally spaced font) on the subject of the value of Facebook “Friends.” (What good are these relationships, and do they count as true friendships?) In composing your essay, keep the following things in mind.

  1. You will be making an argument, so you will need to offer reasons or evidence to support your conclusion. While appeals to personal experience are appropriate, they should not be the only evidence you offer. This is a philosophy paper.
  1. This essay is being assigned in lieu of a mid-term exam, so you spend substantial space in the paper reflecting on at least some of the assigned readings, especially those by Condella, Tedesco, Hamington, and Bloor. Considering the article by Fairweather & Halpern would be a nice plus. (Note that in an essay this short, you will not be able to consider all of these readings in depth, so you will want to select a focus.)
  1. This essay also provides you with the opportunity to do some additional reading beyond what was assigned. To receive an A or a B, you will need to interact with (and show at least basic comprehension of) a primary source in philosophy. There are links to some of these in the course’s on-line bibliography. The primary source that is appropriate will vary with your focus. If you choose to focus on Condella & Bloor, Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics would be the best primary source (Books 8 & 9 discuss friendship). If you choose to focus on Tedesco and Hamington, you might look at Mill’s Utiltiarianismor a scholarly treatment of care ethics. If you wish to devote significant attention to Fairweather & Halpern, it would be appropriate to consider relevant chapters in Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature or Inquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals. If you require assistance deciding on, or accessing, relevant primary literature, please consult the professor (well in advance of the due date if you want timely and sufficient assistance). Full information on the edition you consult should be given in a bibliography. If you are happy with a grade of C or lower, you may disregard this item.
  1. Your paper is to be written in Standard Written English. Style is not everything, or even the most important thing. Nevertheless, an abundance of colloquialisms or of errors in grammar or spelling will hurt your grade.

Grading criteria for this assignment are given in a rubric contained in a separate document.