PHIL25A De Anza College Ancient Philosophy Midterm Questions

PHIL25A De Anza College Ancient Philosophy Midterm Questions

Please answer each question in about 100-150 words. I will also attach the questions below.

Short Answer Questions

1. Explain and briefly critique Protagorean relativism. What exactly is Protagoras quoted as saying? What was it taken to mean? How did Protagoras apparently support his relativist claim? Is the claim acceptable? What are some problems with Protagoras’s view/ argument?

2. Summarize the argument in our reading from Antiphon. He argues against justice! What is the argument? What does he think should be our guide to action instead? Why is it better? Does he make his case? Why or why not?

3. State “Meno’s Paradox.” How does Socrates propose to resolve it in the Meno? What evidence or argument does he offer in support of his resolution? How convincing a case does he make? What should we think of Meno’s Paradox? Is it a serious or valid problem?

4. In the Meno, Socrates argues that virtue is knowledge. State his main argument for this thesis.(Your statement of the argument should include multiple steps.) Briefly critique this argument. How strong is it? What are its weak points? Was Socrates right?