Philosophy Paper.

Philosophy Paper.

Are mental states identical to physical processes? Explain the disagreement between two philosophers while arguing for your thesis; one who says yes, one who says no. Philosophers who say yes are Smart and Churchland, philosophers who say no are Gertler and Nagel.

Format: Papers must be 4-6 pages, have 1 inch margins, and be in 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, with no extra spaces between paragraphs. Please insert page numbers into your document. You may choose either: APA, Chicago, or MLA style for citations. Turn in an MS Word document through the Moodle site (this uses the software Turnitin, which automatically checks for plagiarism) and bring a paper copy to class.

Organization: The paper should have three parts, listed below (no need for headings though). THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT !!!!

Introduction: This is typically the first paragraph. Longer papers (10 pages and over) may have an introductory section made up of a few paragraphs.

· In this section, you present to the reader the issue or debate your paper will address. You will also state explicitly the position you will defend and how you will defend it.

· Even though this is the first paragraph the reader reads, it is often the last paragraph the writer writes or rewrites. The reason for this is simple: the introduction is supposed to present the reader with a bird’s eye view of the whole paper, but sometimes you will not have a clear picture of the whole paper until after you have finished it.

Development: This is the main body of your paper, and it consists of all the paragraphs after the “Introduction” and before the “Conclusion.”

· Part 1: To start off the development section of your paper, you will explain the background or context of the issue or debate of your paper. To do this, you need to describe two different philosopher’s views.

· Part 2: After initiating the development, you will actually work on the development. This consists of presenting your own argument about the issues.