Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods

This is a follow up to this assignment- qualitative-research-methods-19157883

The feedback from the previous one has been received, I need the above the new one to be fine tuned according to the feedback. Please find attached the previous assignment with feedback and the new one that needs to be fine-tuned.

Assignment Details

Constructing 10 Strategic Points

In a previous assignment you began working on the construction of 10 Strategic Points. These points will be used when developing your Prospectus and further developed into your Proposal and then finally in your dissertation. This assignment gives you experience in the development of 10 Strategic Points for a study that you could design to replicate the Clark & Springer study.

General Requirements:

1. Use “Constructing 10 Strategic Points” to complete this assignment.

2. Include a minimum of five scholarly topic-relevant sources (majority of articles should be published within past 5 years)


1. Review the 10 Strategic Points constructed in Week 2 and the Clark and Springer (2007) study. Additionally, review the feedback provided by the instructor.

2. Use “Constructing 10 Strategic Points” to develop 10 Strategic Points for a replication of the Clark & Springer study that you could design for an undergraduate psychology program. Be sure to use resources in the DC network>Research/Dissertation tab> Prospectus templates to review the criteria for the purpose, problem, research questions and other Strategic Points.

3. Use the prompts and suggestions contained in the template to guide your work.