Renegade Kid, Suburban Outlaws Book Essay

Renegade Kid, Suburban Outlaws Book Essay

Reading for essay questions:

Read Part 1 of A Tribe Apart: A Journey Into the Heart of American Adolescence

Author: Patricia Hersch

Any chapters relating to answers from “Last Chance in Texas: The Redemption of Criminal Youth”

Author: John Hubner

“One of the Guys”

Author: Jody Miller

“Renegade Kids, Suburban Outlaws: From Youth Culture to Delinquency”

Authors: Wayne Wooden & Randy Blazak)

Choose one of these reading prompts to respond to (there are multiple parts to each reading prompt, you must answer all parts using information from the readings).

1. In Miller’s book we have a number of girls rationalizing the sexual assaults that take place within their gangs, and in Hubner we have girls discussing their their past abuses and we witness how that affects their social behaviors (antisocial and prosocial) In what ways do the girls rationalize their behaviors? Why do you think that they do this? Are they protecting themselves? Explain. Lastly consider the lives of the girls in Hersch’s book, are her girls experiencing gender double-standards as well?

2. Choose a position on this quote from Wooden & Blazak, either in support or against: “teenagers do not have the proper adult guidance, direction and support that they need to make a healthy transition to adulthood. Many are being pushed to act like adults long before they are ready.” Give examples from any of the books to support your discussion (you must use the course readings!).