Reply To The Six Discussion Posts.

Reply To The Six Discussion Posts.

· Responses should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs. Post 100-200 words for each response.Give evidence and reasoning for your answers, DO NOT JUST AGREE WITH THE DISCUSSION. GIVE REASONING! citing the text or other resources when possible.

uage or languages?

Your explanation – your theory –    may mirror some professional explanations about this miraculous human talent. Four theories are presented in your text.

How do the basic four theories of language learning differ?   

Name the theories and their main concepts.   

Nelson & Scarr (1981) argue that children have individual differences, and therefore learn language differently.A few factors that may influence children’s language development include: “individual makeup, type of input, type of speech expected by the environment, and perception of speech function” (Nelson & Scarr, 1981, p.179). Environmental conditions, such as how a caregiver communicates with the child or infant can influence how language is developed. One method to enhance an infant’s ability to learn to talk is through habituation. According to Berger (2012) “habituation refers to getting accustomed to an experience after repeated exposure” (p.167). Using this method, the infant is presented one stimulus repeatedly until there is a loss of interest in the stimuli. After the infant loses interest, then another stimulus is presented. Research indicates that learning this way, an infant can tell the difference between two similar sounds (Berger, 2012). If the infant is not exposed to stimuli enough, then learning is diminished.



Berger, K. S. (2012). The developing person through childhood and adolescence (9th ed.).