Global AIDS Alliance

Florida National University

Ariel Lopez

Manuel Cabrera

Rosie Jean Louis

Muller Sanon

October 25, 2019


To: Prof. Vardah Seraphin

From: Student- Ariel Lopez, Manuel Cabrera, Rosie Jean Louis, Muller Sanon

Reference: Health Care Policy

Date: October 25, 2019

Subject: Global AIDS Alliance

Global AIDS Alliance


The global AIDS crisis has been a major health and development issue since its first report several decades ago. To address this issue and ultimately halt the epidemic, many organizations have been formed. Among these organizations is the Global AIDS Alliance (GAA). It is a non-profit organization located in Washington D.C. The mission of GAA is to incentivize financial recourses and political will required to address the crisis of international AIDS and minimize its effects on poor nations that have been adversely impacted by the epidemic. Since its foundation, this organization has taken a leadership role in the shaping of discussions of AIDS policies and assembling campaigns with an aim of breaking through ingrained governmental inaction as well as speed up the pace of international response to HIV and AIDS. The organization combines public education and media outreach with aimed grassroots mobilization and coalition-building to increase awareness. It also aims to encourage activism in advocacy support in persuading policymakers in the U.S and other decision-makers to form an all-inclusive response to the international AIDS issues.


AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a result of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and among the most adverse development and health issues. Currently, roughly 37.9 million individuals have AIDS, and tens of millions of these persons have succumbed to death from causes related to AIDS since the emergence of this epidemic (KFF, 2019). The majority of those infected, or at risk of infection, have no access to care, treatment, and prevention. Considerable international efforts have been implemented to mitigate the issue in recent decades. Despite some obstacles, there has been great progress. Among the organizations formed by the global community is the Global Aids Alliance (KFF, 2019). A non-profit organization, Global AIDS Alliance (GAA) was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Washington D.C. (KFF, 2019). GAA is dedicated to an aggressive and collaborative campaign with an objective of stopping international AIDS through improved policies, mobilization of awareness, and increasing of funds (WHO, 2019). The organization closely works with different partner firms, including groups of human rights, prominent religious organizations, AIDS activist parties, and humanitarian agencies (WHO, 2019). GAA has made positive impacts by advocating for HIV awareness, education, and treatment, as well as collecting and providing resources and funds.

Key Issues

The Mission of GAA is to mobilize the financial resources and political will required to mitigate and ultimately halt the international AIDS predicament and minimize its effects on poor nations severely hit by the epidemic. This organization operates to accelerate development towards an evidence-based and comprehensive HIV prevention approach. It focuses on an all-inclusive response to the disaster of vulnerable children and orphans, global treatment access, and international basic education as well as the elimination of school fees for affected children and young people. It amalgamates public education and media outreach with aimed coalition establishment and foundation mobilization so as to create awareness and encourage activism supporting the policy objectives. GAA aims to incorporate health and sex education and inform primary school going children of HIV/AIDS by introducing the topic in class. Other main issues include the promotion of gender equality and reducing violence allied to women and girls (Struke et al. 2014).

Legislative Agenda/Agenda Development and Promotion