Scholarly Versus Popular Sources

Scholarly Versus Popular Sources

The purpose of this discussion is to introduce you to the Ashford University (AU) Library. In both the “Scholarly Versus Popular Sources” discussion and the “Generating Keywords” assignment, you will be using the AU Library to search for scholarly articles. You will find that what makes the AU Library unique, compared to other academic libraries, is that it is purely online. Many Ashford University students have yet to experience this type of library and often feel overwhelmed, and perhaps a bit frustrated, when first attempting to conduct research within it. Academic libraries are often organized differently from public or school libraries, so when first attempting to use one, it can seem difficult.

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Prepare: After reading Chapter 3 of your course text, spend a few minutes watching the following videos in order. Each video builds off the other and gradually increases your understanding of how a digital library is organized and functions.