Six Month Budget for Older Adults Loneliness Alleviation Project

Six Month Budget for Older Adults Loneliness Alleviation Project

To start with this is a very long paper. It is going to be a grant application. I already have started and it is in APA format. The grant is for a education program for fall prevention. The three keywords are community based, education intervention, fall prevention. I have already searched for 5 references so you do not need to do that. There are several steps to the program that I am going to list. I will also provide an example. The example includes everything except the budget. I already have done the site visit so you can just copy and paste that part.

Lets start I have already provided the title name of the project and agency and year. Second you have to do an abstract but you can do that once you are done with the whole paper. Provide a table of contents where you just list each stage. the introduction has to have a global perspective on what is going on globally and in San Diego. Also you can look at the example for that. You have to provide a rationale for the introduction. For the background you can put the information that I am a caregiver as experience and that I am a social work student and so on. For the literature review I have provided 5 sources you can use those. The literature review is there to explain what the intervention has done and how it worked it is not to just summarize the articles. SO write mainly about the intervention. For the description of the program I will provide a powerpoint with theories. I think you can select the behavior change theory and also you can look at the example. I will also provide templates or examples for the LOGIC MODEL and the GANTT. I will send you the site visit and you can just copy and paste it in there. Than just add the reference page in APA format. The personnel section has to be about who works for you and also look at the example. At the end you have the budget which I will provide templates and examples for.


Globally, falls are a major public health problem.

A program, that incorporates fall prevention education in the community not another facility. – I have provided the references for you.

This program will help the elderly population to prevent themselves from falling.

The program will be successful because it will be based on evidence to reduce the amount of falls.


FINAL GRANT PROPOSAL – A formal proposal that includes the following:

1. Title

• Name of Project

• Agency

• Year

2. Abstract/Executive Summary

3. Table of Contents

4. Introduction

• Capsule statement /Rationale