SO351 Grantham University Privacy Invasion Discussion

SO351 Grantham University Privacy Invasion Discussion

SMART phones, computers and televisions, Alexa, Google Home, new “voices” for Siri….these are just a few examples of technology devices that even 10 years ago individuals would not even recognize the “name/concept”, much less utilize on a regular basis. While these advances can be helpful within our daily lives, at what or whose expense should we be concerned with the downfalls associated with these advances? Please respond to each of the following questions.

Question A

Read the article within our textbook on pages 116-117, “Own a Vizio Smart TV? It’s Watching You” (Angwin, J. 2015). Are you concerned with your privacy being violated after reading the information shared within this article? Do you believe this is valid information? Why or why not?

Question B

Please share an experience you, or someone close to you (i.e. relative, friend, co-worker) has experienced in which his/her privacy has been violated through the utilization of technology. What would you do differently NOW, or recommend to others in order to avoid that situation and ensure one’s privacy is protected?

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