SOC101206 Diablo Valley College Social Construction of Gender & Sexuality HW

SOC101206 Diablo Valley College Social Construction of Gender & Sexuality

This week you examine large subfields of sociology: (1) the sociology of sexuality and gender; and (2) the sociology of marriage and families.

Pick one key sociological theme from this week’s selection of readings and assess how it is addressed or presented on mainstream television. For example, explore the television, news media, or your daily lives for examples of how gender is done or what Judith Lorber refers to as “doing gender.” Or consider how families are presented on Prime Time Television….

Post an image, video, or short description along with two paragraphs of sociological analysis.

Be sure to reference at least one reading from this week for full credit.

Total 5 reading resources attached.

Sample Post:

For example, I found the following image of Thomas Beattie – known widely as “The Pregnant Man.” This image illustrates Lorber (Links to an external site.)’s central point about how we often only notice gender being done in examples of opposition. As people contemplate a pregnant man, they are instantly reminded that women usually carry children. The following clip from the Barbara Walters Special – The Journey of a Pregnant Man – also illustrates the social construction of gender and conflation of sex and gender in U.S. society today.