SOCI3312 ?Southern Methodist Pollution in Rio Grande Valley Paper

SOCI3312 ?Southern Methodist Pollution in Rio Grande Valley Paper

Identify a community environmental issue and research a non-profit which helps to resolve the issue. This can be an issue faced both, in the RGV and in other global locations. The main focus should be within the RGV. Make sure to provide both, in-text citations and a reference list in ASA format style (5th edition) as previously practiced.

Detailed instructions for each step of the assignment with examples:

Here is a basic description of the required parts of the paper. Points breakdown below:

Description (10 points): Your introduction will vividly describe the problem, show why it is important to solve and explain how widespread it is.
Exploratory (20 points): Explore the different positions on the problem. You will explore different views on one or more of the following: What is the problem? What is the history of this problem? What do people think about this issue? What are the views about the cause? What are the different solutions which have been suggested or tried?
Profile or Explaining (10 points): Tell about one non-profit organization which attempts to solve the problem. You will explain what this organization thinks is the main cause of the problem as well as their method of solving the problem.
Evaluation (30 points): You will evaluate how well the organization does at solving the problem. You can use criteria, opinions of different groups (volunteers, the organization leaders, people helped, the community), or a comparison with another organization who solves the problem a different way.
Persuasive( 10 points): Conclude with your personal response or plea to the audience (you will imagine an audience that is interested in either volunteering or giving money to this non-profit).
ASA Format: (10 points ( 2 points per source))
Must have in-text citations and a reference list for your sources. 5 sources required. ASA format instructions.

Paper limits: (10 points ( 2 points per requirement)):
Minimum of 3 pages – Maximum of 5 pages.
Font: Times New Roman
Font: (12 pt).
1 inch margins.
Assignment Creator: Virginia Kearney.