Social Science Research Paper

Social Science Research Paper

Coverpage questions

1. Describe the intended audience for this paper (for whom did you write the paper?)

[Describe Audience Here]

2. Which system of citation is used in your paper?

[Specify APA style or another pre-approved style]

Assignment Details
I. Length
· There is no minimum. Most papers should be approximately 1500-3000 words. Very concisely written papers may be shorter than this if they include the required elements. I encourage you to write a paper that is exactly as long as is necessary in order to discuss the required elements and no longer. Some students write in a verbose style and others write tersely. Whatever the case, padding a paper to reach an arbitrary word count will not be beneficial to your overall grade on the paper, and could actually lead to a poorer paper and loss of points.

II. Content
All students are encouraged, in addition to reviewing prior research project instructions, to download and read this one page summary of the major goals and elements of a typical SS3A research paper. Understanding not just what needs to be where, but why, is a major element in writing a successful research report. Read it here: My 8 Recommendations for a High Quality SS3A Paper Preview the document

III. General APA Formatting
· The intended audience of any piece of writing places many requirements on the author. Minor variations from the established APA style will not cause trouble (and therefore will not lose you points), but moderate to major deviations from the expected format make reading difficult and will cost you points.

· For this paper, you are to follow the form and content guidelines set forth in the APA style guide, a common and flexible research-paper format that should be understood and easily read by most branches of social science

· Please consult with one of the following references and read carefully to learn what is expected:

· Our Optional Course Text: American Psychological Association. 2010. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Washington DC: American Psychological Association. ISBN-10: 1-4338-0561-8 ISBN-13: 978-1-4338-0561-5 (specifically chapters 2, 3, and 6; chapter 4 is also very useful)

· The American Psychological Association. (2014). “The Basics of APA Style.” [Online Tutorial]. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

· Angeli, E., Wagner, J., Lawrick, E., Moore, K., Anderson, M., Soderlund, L., & Brizee, A. (2010, May 5). General format. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

· The Google Document provided for you also contains the basic formatting that is expected. If you cop