SOCIO101 University of Massachusetts Poverty and Racism in The Schools HW

SOCIO101 University of Massachusetts Poverty and Racism in The Schools

For this paper, you are expected to conduct research on a contemporary social phenomenon or social problem. Some ideas are listed below but you should not feel confined to these options only.

Your research must include a review of at least 3 peer-reviewed sources, an introduction, and a conclusion that offers a direction for future research on the subject.

The introduction should introduce the topic, state why it is important, and clarify the parameters of your research. For instance, if you choose the topic of gentrification, explain what you will investigate, specifically (E.g., displacement of low-income residents, urban areas in the US, or causes of gentrification, etc.).

The body of the paper will consist of a review of your sources. Some things to consider are how the authors treat the subject matter; if the article or book you’re reviewing is based upon original research; findings and/or conclusions of the authors; and if authors’ findings/conclusions contrast with or confirm one other.

The conclusion should provide a ‘wrap-up’ of your review, as well as statement about the direction you think future research on this topic may take. For instance, if your research suggests that children who age-out of foster care are in need of additional resources, what do think should be investigated next?

5-6 pages:double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins. I have one peer-reviewed already I will send it in the chat.