Theory Worksheet Graduate Level

Theory Worksheet Graduate Level

COU 510 Theory Worksheet
Overview: You will be submitting this worksheet at the end of Week Two. You should have notes within each column and plan on adding to it throughout the course. This worksheet does not need to go into great detail, but it should have a brief notes within the last three columns. (The first four columns may have just a word or phrase.) You can add to the chart throughout the course. By the end of Week One, you should have the following theories filled in to keep you on track.

· Ecological Systems Theory

· Psychoanalytic Theory

· Behaviorism Theory

You will receive feedback on this worksheet and continue to add to it as you learn more about how these developmental theories apply to different aspects of the lifespan. This is also an excellent tool to use as you study for your licensing exam.


Identifying Characteristics

Associated Theorists

Continuity or Discontinuity

Nature or Nurture

What are the ethical, legal, and cultural concerns?

Describe how this theory applies to different aspects of the lifespan.

How can this theory be applied in the counseling field?

Ecological Systems Theory