Translating Knowledge From an Evaluation Report

Translating Knowledge From an Evaluation Report

‘Keeping families and children in mind’: an evaluation of a web-based workforce resourcecfs_731 192..200

Andrea Reupert*, Kim Foster†, Darryl Maybery‡, Kylie Eddy§ and Elizabeth Fudge¶ *Senior Lecturer, Department of Rural and Indigenous Health, Monash University, Moe, Victoria, †Associate Professor,

Mental Health Nursing, University of Sydney, Camperdown, NSW, ‡Associate Professor of Rural Mental Health,

Department of Rural and Indigenous Health, Monash University & Gippsland Medical School, Moe, Victoria, and

§Workforce Development Officer, ¶Project Manager, Children Of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) national

initiative, North Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


This study outlines pilot evaluation data of the web-based training resource ‘Keeping Families and Children in Mind’, designed for clini- cians who work with families where a parent has a mental illness. The resource was developed from scoping existing workforce packages and in consultation with consumers, carers, researchers and mental- health clinicians. Preliminary evaluation data were collected from an urban and a rural site in Australia via focus group interviews and pre- and post-training questionnaires to ascertain the experiences of those who participated in the training. Additionally, training facilitators were invited to maintain journals in order to identify planning and implementation issues when using the resource. Post-training, partici- pants emphasized the need to work collaboratively with others, as well as the importance of acknowledging and working with the family members of consumers, especially children. Also, participants reported positive changes in knowledge, skill and confidence when working with families affected by parental mental illness. Facilitators highlighted technology issues and the need to work interactively with participants when using the resource. Recommendations regarding policy and future research conclude this paper.

Correspondence: Andrea Reupert, Department of Rural and Indigenous Health, Monash