UC Irvine Evidence for An Earth Like Geochemistry of Exoplanets Report Paper

UC Irvine Evidence for An Earth Like Geochemistry of Exoplanets Report Paper

This paper need 2 pages.

In this assignment, you will look for a report of some contemporary science in the news and attempt to understand and evaluate it according to the 6-step program for evaluating theoretical hypotheses described in Chapter 2 of, Understanding Scientific Reasoning.

You can use the sources (but not the examples) listed in the class Google Site > Science in the news (Links to an external site.), or use a source you prefer, so long as it is not merely a social media post. You may not use anything from Reddit or similar user-driven websites.

The report you find should be substantial, that is, it should give enough information about the episode that you have a reasonable chance of finding all the elements needed to understand and evaluate the episode. It doesn’t matter whether your episode leads to a judgment that the data agree with the evidence or not, or are inconclusive.

When you find a suitable episode, download a copy of the report — not just a URL, make a PDF — and also record the URL (or other bibliographic information) to cite in your assignment. Then, read the report of the episode and try to understand and evaluate it according to our program. You may find it valuable to dig deeper, looking up the original science that the report describes. You are not required to go to the scientific literature if there is enough detail to do an evaluation from your popular media source. I do not recommend going first to the scientific literature to find a study to evaluate. Then, write a 2 page report with your evaluation. (2 pages is a guideline, not a rule or limit, indicating roughly the scale of writing you should attempt. You can format your essay in any readable format — changing font size or margin size to comply with the 2 page guideline is silly and won’t fool anybody. )

Your assignment should include the following elements:

A brief (1-2 paragraph) summary in your own words of the episode as described in the report you found.
5-6 paragraphs giving your evaluation of the episode. If your episode leads to the judgment that the data do not agree with predictions from a model, you will have 5 paragraphs. If the data agree with predictions, you will have 6 paragraphs.
A diagram following the pattern of Figure 2.12 on page 36 of our textbook, but instead of using the labels for boxes such as “MODEL” and “DATA” and labels for arrows such as “observation/experiment” and “reasoning/calculation”, use brief descriptive labels about your episode, like the textbook does in Figures 2.10 and 2.11 on pages 32 and 33. Do not fill in the boxes with text that substitutes for the 6 paragraphs evaluating the episode.
A bibliography citing the author(s), date of publication, title, and publishing source (with URL if you found your report on the internet). Your citation can follow any bibliography format you like, so long as these elements are included. The standard is that a reader should be able to know what your source is from reading the bibliography and be able to find the source themselves from your bibliography. A bibliography that only has titles, or authors is therefore not acceptable. A bibliography that only has URLs is also not acceptable.
A copy of the report you used to write your eval