University of Kentucky Radical Historicist Approach to Ethics Found in Marx Discussion

University of Kentucky Radical Historicist Approach to Ethics Found in Marx Discussion

I need help drafting an essay question for my Philosophy test this upcoming Thursday. I attend the University of Kentucky and I’m taking an Intro to Philosophy course that is more difficult than I anticipated. I need the essay length to be around a page and a half handwritten. My professor’s name is Arnold Farr and I’m trying to develop the information from our course book “Ethical Dimensions of Marxist Thought” by Cornel West. Thanks for the help!

The first essay option is:

-Explain the radical historicist approach to ethics as found in Marx. How does it differ from more traditional type theories such as Kant’s? How does Marx avoid crude ethical relativism? In what way is the radical historicist approach helpful today?

The second essay option is:

-Explain the way in which Marx remains a radical historicist while Engels, Kautsky, and Lukács, do not. Explain the focus of each and how it affects his position.

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