University of Missouri Kansas City Food and Restaurants Industry Research HW

University of Missouri Kansas City Food and Restaurants Industry Research

The paper will be between 7-10 pages and should be well written (minimal typos), well organized and contain citations for research and references (at least ten cited references). Include section headers within your paper as well as page numbers. Use a 12-point font and feel free to include graphical elements. Your paper should include a reference section which includes citations (not just hyperlinks) .

Your paper should address the following organizing questions:

  • What does effectiveness look like in the industry that you have chosen?
  • What role does leadership play in driving effectiveness?
  • What are the primary challenges in achieving and sustaining effectiveness?

Your case should explore the following areas of research.

  • Industry background information (description, impact, size, value, description of primary stakeholders)
  • Common measures of effectiveness of organizations in this sector (exploration should go beyond financial results and touch at least three areas where effectiveness might be measured)
  • Selected example organizations with structural breakdown and leadership profiles, include your rationale for exploring these organizations
  • Description of skills, knowledge and competencies that are called for across leadership in this sector
  • An exploration of what market, political and environmental forces are likely to cause change within this sector
  • Description of ethical considerations and corporate social responsibility efforts in the given sector and example organizations
  • Recommendation for sustained effectiveness for organizations in this sector

The rubric is in the attatchemnt and make sure to hit all the points.

The industry is about food and resturents.