University of San Francisco Marketing Professional Development Plan

University of San Francisco Marketing Professional Development Plan

a. 10-year individual professional development plan – with annual career milestones

b. Detailed strategy to enter industry of your choosing

a. Overview of industry – description, size, trends, outlook (e.g. cyber security

industry, marketing analytics industry, biotech industry) footnote all sources

b. Overview of key players in the industry – 3 companies and 3 executives

c. Overview of your preferred functional area in your target industry (s) (e.g.

marketing) and description of likely entry job and job title for you (e.g.

marketing assistant in your target industry or company)

d. Brief biographies of 3 key executives in your target function (e.g. marketing,

sales, etc.) in your industry/company

c. Create and describe Your Own Professional Mentor Panel: 3 – 4 executives in your

function or industry (NOT from among MSEI program faculty, executive guests, or

hosting executives from class visits, etc. However, you may ask for referrals to other

executives from program faculty and guests). Recommend one mentor be from your

home region who knows you well and at least one mentor from Silicon Valley Region

and at least one mentor in your target functional area (e.g. marketing) and/or your target

industry (bio-tech). (Mentors are expected to provide frequent guidance, feedback [e.g.

bi-weekly email correspondence and monthly conversations] and referrals on your

professional development through your MSEI graduation and launch of your postgraduation professional career or launch of your venture.)

d. Identify, describe, and confirm internship and functional role or project in following


e. Describe possible new venture (brief description) to launch in final semester.